Who We Are

The Malama O Puna Board of Directors is a group of your friends and neighbors who volunteer to keep up the work of “protecting Hawai ‘i ‘s precious natural heritage” by:

  • Acting as consultants to the general public on ecosystem preservation and site restoration issues and making written materials and other sources available on these subjects
  • Developing audiovisual and written curriculum materials for all educational levels on Hawai‘i’s unique biota and ecosystems, and on techniques for protection, management and restoration
  • Partnering and networking with government a
    Directorgencies and other nongovernmental organizations with similar interests for the purpose of increasing public awareness regarding the importance of environmental protection
  • Promoting the development, growth and preservation of federal, state, county, district and private parks for the purpose of enhancing open spaces for future generations
  • Planting trees, shrubs and groundcovers to enhance the natural landscape
  • Encouraging greenways and bird corridors, both circum-coastal and between the coast and the uplands (mauka-makai) through various strategies, including acquisition of small critical parcels of land for conservation dedication and land-trusting
  • Promoting community and youth education programs to enhance public awareness of Hawai‘i’s natural beauty, and to stimulate a love of nature



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Ann Kobsa
Vice-President & Invasive Species Coordinator

Sherry Kelso Palmer
Secretary & Land Trust Chair

Amadeo Markoff

Diane Franciosa

Norris Thomlinson

Jonathan Lehman


Eileen O’Hara
Executive Director


Who are we? We are YOU!