Sustainability project ideas

During the MOP in a time of transition meeting, attendees shared ideas for sustainability-related projects. Please contact us if you want to get involved!

Issue: Hawaii Island is too dependent on food and fuel imports. There are many factors and barriers, which ones can we impact, what are possible projects?

Who is already doing this work?

List of Ideas

  • Certified kitchen
  • Community Gardens
  • Action on LFA: initiate biocontrol campaign. Support education? Mapping initiative?
  • Support By-Blocks Facility
  • Support Forest Restoration
  • Community Gardens: One member has hands-on experience with a model that works, involving going to peoples land rather than having them come to a class and funding to provide resources such as seeds and equipment
  • Seed Center at MOP; exchange/distribute seeds
    One time a week(month) MOP is open, people can get seeds,
    bring in seeds, hang out, talk about issues. If working with local business could be open more?
  • Education on Alternative Technologies: bicycle-powered washing machine, solar ice maker.
  • Demonstration food forest (planting in progress)
  • Video Productions: native plants,forest, and ?
  • Teaching Classes