In the past, our aims were limited to the environment, but more and more we are realizing that there is a lot of overlap between the environmental and the social (“ecology” and “economy” share the same Latin root). For example, “ice” houses, where crystal methamphetamine is either manufactured or used, contaminate wood, paint, carpets, upholstery and even the soil with toxins. Later residents in such a house can become seriously ill. So “ice” is definitely an environmental problem, but it has social and economic underpinnings that cannot be ignored if we are serious about addressing it.

Another example is the way in which greed, corporate capitalism, land speculation and weak land use laws conspire to prevent us from providing adequate housing for low and medium-income families while simultaneously destroying some of our most pristine and special places. You can fill in the blanks yourself with some of your favorite current cases.



René Siracusa

Ann Kobsa
Vice-President & Invasive Species Coordinator

Sherry Kelso
Secretary-Treasurer, Land Trust Chair & Webmistress

M. Malia Messick
Education Chair & Kahu Wai Coordinator

Rex Palmer
Botanical Consultant

Mark Franklin
Arboretum Manager & Youth Programs Director

Jen Rasmussen
Membership Chair

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