1. MOP is the ONLY environmental group focusing on ALL environmental issues in Puna District. (Some other groups only deal with geothermal development, or parks or trails. We do it all).

2. Puna is as large as Oahu and is the fastest growing area of the state, which means we have more development issues to deal with.

3. When we were the Puna branch of The Outdoor Circle, we did more than all the other Outdoor
Circles statewide combined! And we did it on one of the smallest budgets (no paid employees – all volunteer).

4. Therefore a gift to MOP goes a long way – your dollar has more bang for the buck.

5. In areas such as coastal and pelagic issues (endangered marine mammals, drift nets, coral reef preservation, etc.) we lead the field. Even more so than Greenpeace Hawaii.

6. We are not afraid to take on major projects, all of which we have successfully completed: Saved 601 old growth mango trees and got the County to reinstate the process whereby trees can be protected; Persisted until the County enacted a native forest tax bill to remove incentives to bulldoze critical habitat; Removed 400 junk cars and 100 tons of household rubbish from a coastal area; Removed 7,000 lbs. of drift net (so far) from along the Puna coast. Planted thousands and thousands of trees, Etc. etc.

7. We are not the kind of group that only criticizes. We are not confrontational. We act as role models
and set examples. We offer reasonable win-win solutions to environmental problems and concerns.

8. We have worked successfully with County (Public Works, Parks & Recreation, Legislative Auditors office, and Council members) and State (Dept. of Land & Natural Resources, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Health) and Federal (EPA, Congressional delegation, etc.) We have credibility and respect.

9. We have partnered successfully with many other non-profits in our community.

Low-income individual: $10

Individual: $25

Couple: $50

Family: $75

Business: $100

Patron: $500

Life: $1000

Additional donations are always welcome! All donations are tax-deductible.

Please send checks to:

Malama O Puna
P.O. Box 1520
Pahoa, HI 96778

Please include your address, E-mail, Fax and phone numbers.

All members receive a membership card, the Year in Review Newsletter, notice of the Annual General Membership Meeting, and a discount on our T-shirts.

Our office phone number is 808-965- 2000. Feel free to call with any questions, comments or suggestions or E-mail us at
Malama O Puna is a nonprofit organization, certified under IRS code 501(c)(3)